Hello, I'm Sagar

I specialize in UX/UI Design with a background in Development.
Here are my creative Solutions

A mental Health App for All.

Strexa is a Mental health App for all.

An app to protect minors over the internet.

Shield, is an app to help monitor and proect minors over the internet.

Dashboard of Analytics
DalO Systems

Data Analytic Dashboards for a Waste Managemnt Company.

internet-saftey website
Internet Safety

A site about how to keep your kids safe over the Internet.

A site about Tea

A Website About Tea, using Bootstrap

A site about Bohead Whales
Bohead Whales

A Site about Bohead Whales, using Bootstrap

A site about Puffins
Puffins 7

A Site about Puffins, using Bootstrap

A site about Ducks

A site about Ducks, using Bootstrap